Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The end is in sight

Whenever I say to friends we are nearing the end of our renovations, they just sort of smile and nod.

But really just about the only thing we haven't changed here is the bricks. So the end will come.

This house was like an onion. A big stinky onion. As we peeled away the layers of filth we found ...well more filth and lots of things just done plain wrong.
While removing all evidence of several previous owners and poorly done renovations we have tried to retain any features original to the house (this will be evident when i post about the first floor bath).

So nearing the last items to be changed were the tile in the foyer and the tiled fireplace surround.

So the foyer:

We actually started with the stairs.

The newel post was that same dark cherry stain that was slathered on all the wood throughout the house, and the spindles were black iron, and frankly we hated the whole thing. Granted they went really well with all the dark, dank mobster decor - but we needed to lighten things up.

I tried to get the spindles out to replace them - but without dismantling then entire railing it was a no go.

Not a problem for my artsy and ever patient wife. She painted the newel posts white...ahh so much white here- crisp and clean, and the spindles she did in bright silver (remember this... the silver... because she has more paint left and you know what that means...)
still old foyer tile here...
With a brush. Whew.
I have no patience for tedious tasks...

In the top photo you can just see a small portion of the old tile in the foyer. It was white marble.
Ok ..kind of plain - not hideous..but .. yes... we hated that too.

Had to go.
So here is where we ended up.
weird little hole... odd.

Here is where we really ended up:
It's marble - yes we replace marble with marble.

Our marble - a beachy, warm marble has a soft matt finish - we added tiny glass mosaic inlays.
I adore this tile. It feels delicious under your feet. It makes the foyer feel clean and inviting.

Next the fireplace....


e said...

Was there anything you liked about this house?

It all looks marvelous, btw, and I have never seen shiny silver on black iron before... it really works!

Anonymous said...

Looks great! I would have gone with a darker tile, but that's my take on the matter. You've been very creative with your house. I love the brick walkways you've added and how you made the garage into a workroom. It's a lovely blog you have to look at.
- Rae

Maria said...

I am so impressed. I am also incredibly lazy.