Wednesday, July 24, 2013

oh right...the fireplace

sorry got distracted...

The original fireplace surround (using the word original loosely- I think the 'actual original' was just brick) was a brown tile circa early 70's Brady Bunch era I would guess.
The fireplace screen had little swirly iron branches with acorns and maple leaves - not very beachy.

(note in the picture below the diamond placed tiles in front are not part of the hearth...we were just checking colors... didn't seem to have a better 'before' picture)

We replaced the tile with beachy seaglass and used some of the marble from the foyer to tie it together and break up the field of tiny tiles.
To save some money my clever wife took the original screen apart - removing all the forest-y details.
and gave it some fresh paint (yes..more silver paint. I believe the can is still not yet empty... more on that  to come).


CAB said...

That looks fantastic and gives me an idea re: how to fix my own horrible circa 70's fireplace. What did you use to attach the tile?

weese said...

Cab - if you don't know how to 'attach' tile perhaps hiring a professional is a good idea. :)

(mortar..its called thin set mortar -- be sure to use white if you are setting glass tiles)

Anonymous said...

The tile on the floor, did you lay it over the existing tile or tear up the old stuff? Thanks.

weese said...

removed all existing tile, and underlayment.
new cement board was installed.

Precious said...