Thursday, July 15, 2004


A few words about caffeine, coffee and other stories.
Warning: trail of thought may not be easy to follow; creative use of punctuation and colloquial language.

First, let me say – I am not a coffee snob (like some folks we know). I had actually put some thought into the whole snob concept after reading David’s post. I know other coffee snobs… and beer snobs and wine snobs (not that there’s anything wrong with that) – so I have been trying to think – and be honest – about what kind of snob I may be.

Certainly not coffee (more on this later), and not beer by any means (gotta have my light beer…I mean I am a middle aged woman, I simply must keep an eye on my girlish figure you know – so its Michelob light for me…not that ultra no-carb stuff tho …sheesh with this whole ‘carb’ thing going on now – don’t even get me started on that … oh, and low fat foods – shyeah, go ahead, eat twice as much …there’s no fat! I have so much to say about what silly Americans are eating now that it’s worthy of another post… back to beer … also a Sammy Lite is good, even a Corona light with the lime wedge on a hot summer day, with some chips and maybe that nice black bean dip my wife makes…). I am also not a wine snob – since I really don’t drink wine. My fancy wife loves her Cab’s, but me… only a deliciously sweet Muscat or a Port from time to time.

And then… it came to me. I am a cleaning snob! Now – let’s be clear, I am not judgmental of other peoples cleaning; just as I am sure David doesn’t care what coffee I drink. It’s all about ‘me’. That is not to say that I don’t readily offer advice about methodology or process - but how you clean, is really your own business. For me, it must be done a certain way (the right way) and at certain intervals.

Good. There. I feel better - I AM a snob.

Ok now back to caffeine, which is what I really wanted to write about, and soon it will be made clear to you why we take this long and twisted journey.
We have already established that I am not a coffee snob. That said, I do prefer our own homemade coffee each morning. On nice mornings we will enjoy a cup on the patio before work or sometimes in the rain rocking on the glider on the covered side porch.
Our current blend is a half decaf/half caf mix. My doctor requested that I (read that as …told me to) stop caffeine and chocolate (yes, girls – my brave doctor told a woman on the very brink of menopause to STOP having chocolate – she survived the conversation… but just barely. I should also add – she was right, and it solved some health issues I was having at the time – if you don’t have a good doctor that you like and trust, I highly recommend you go and find one). As a compromise to this – my ever-supportive wife and I switched our morning coffee to this new half-caf mix. We have adjusted quite nicely.

Well… late last night – when I normally grind the beans and set the coffee timer, I realized we were out of coffee.

Ok – don’t panic. Go to plan B.

So this morning, just to survive until we got our beans and could go back to our happy routine – I went down the street to Dunkin’ Donuts and bought us a couple of coffees …just for today.
I bought two large black coffees –to fix up at home with our own sweeteners and cream, to be poured out of their styro confines into our own cups.

Yay. All would be well.
Hmm, didn’t consider the caffeine factor.

And so here I am – it’s 7:30 a.m.- I am at work and I have just finished my LARGE CAFFEINATED coffee… and I could type FOREVER…
Honey – how you doin’?

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Kevin Jackson said...

Well, this is interesting. I did a blog search for caffeine and found your site. When I get some time I'll come back and find out where caffeine appears and how it relates - if it even does. Take care - nice work.