Thursday, July 01, 2004


“Class, please step up closer to the glass to get a better look. Don't be afraid. Notice how the specimens react when….”

Ok, kidding aside. We are going to get to participate in something exciting this evening. Our daughter is in graduate school working on her masters in psychology. For one of her classes this semester the students worked in teams to research different cultural minorities, to be better equipped to counsel folks from a wide variety of backgrounds and life experiences.
Well lucky her – she and her project partner were assigned LGBT (for the acronym challenged… that’s Lesbian Gay Bi and Transgender).
The assignment is to research and then present to the class. Well she asked us last night if we wouldn’t mind coming to the class for the end of her presentation and doing a bit of Q&A. She will give her presentation, and then introduce her lesbian parents for some discussion… how cool is that.
I am so honored that we could possibly make a difference in a young therapist's life.
I am honored that our daughter has asked us to be a part of this. She has chosen a career so suited for her innate abilities to counsel, understand and gently guide. Her contribution to humanity will be healing… one soul at a time – take a number please.

Hey.. while I am boasting about our kids.
Our charming, wild and crazy Ferris, has been asked to be a deacon at our church. He is an enigma. He has won the admiration and respect of our pastor and the deacons of our very ‘straight’ congregational church.
This is a church were the pastor and church leaders, along with my activist wife, tried in vain to get the congregation to adopt an Open and Affirming statement. Our uptight little community just couldn’t actually come out and say aloud that it would be ok if gays came in and sat down to worship. I mean…my goodness they may take it over (shyeah…all 5 of us who live in town).
But our son, son of lesbian parents, is going to be a deacon at this church and a liaison to his senior youth group – where attitudes are different and open and inviting. This kid is poised to change the world. We are so proud.

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