Monday, July 12, 2004

short, shallow reprieve

A reprieve from my news boycott-- just for the next couple days as I follow the circus that is our governmental process (process? hmm, interesting word - but that's a whole 'nother post).
I cannot not fathom how much time, energy and money the next three days are gonna waste just so I won't get a blood test, sign a piece of paper and change my tax status.
Really - I think these people need something better to do.
Perhaps I will spend some time today making them a list of things to do. Kinda like we do on the weekends, make a list and cross things off as you go. Its very fulfilling to cross stuff off your list. I think it will make alot of our representatives feel better about themselves.
ok, let's see...

feed the hungry (always popular)
world peace - perhaps we could break that down by region to be less daunting
cure cancer
cure the common cold
conquer acne
repair pot holes on my street

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