Friday, July 23, 2004

Race Day

Another big happening over the weekend which I am slow to report on.
Our daughter ran her first race! It was a local 5k sunset race. She has been running now for just a few short months and she ran this very hilly course at a 9:00 pace.
She started running because she found that her walking a few miles a day was no longer challenging, she started walking because she found that her exercise tapes were beginning to get a little rote, she started exercise tapes because she wanted to augment a diet she had started, she started to diet because she was 90 pounds heavier than she is today. Yes. 90. And she doesn’t weigh much more than that now.
We are so proud of this young woman.
Look at our little peanut.

Here we are prior to the race, with the fated Gatorade (Gatorade ...bad).
Her biggest concern here is missing a turn and running off the course.

There she goes!

At the finish line!
*gag*... damn Gatorade. (Actually...I was snapping pic after pic to try and get a good one of her finish. But people kept stepping in the way. Then, there she was right in front of me... great shot huh...oops)

It's all good. A little water, and we feel MUCH better.
Yay! Victory!.

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