Monday, August 30, 2004

My Blogfather

Got to meet my Blogfather this weekend. My lovely wife and I visited with him and his family on their trip to the states.
He was the catalyst that started me blogging. He also guided me on blog-ways and blog-etiquette as I got up and running.
I have known David in an online sorta way for many years but we had not met until this weekend. Our connection however goes waaaay back. We went to high school together, although we did not know each other while we were there.
It was a pleasure and an honor. He is, as he sounds on his site -exceptional.
His wife, Zahava is enchanting, bubbly and funny. She makes you feel instantly at ease. The kids are great story tellers (hmm, wonder where they got that), Gilad cracked us up and Ariella was sweet and very eager to join in the conversations with her own anecdotes, while little Yonah tried to hold himself together while waiting for his Tylenol to kick in (poor guy ...).
He and his family are just as he portrays them in his tales. Kind, inviting, witty and just good people.
For sure, the next time we find ourselves in Efrat we will stop in.

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