Friday, August 27, 2004


I picked up Ferris from driving school yesterday afternoon, and he motions for me to get out of the drivers seat on his way over to the car with a buddy. Since he has gotten his permit, he drives EVERYWHERE.
He and his buddy get into the car, he gets situated behind the wheel, and turns the key.
Of course the engine is already running – so it makes that really loud embarrassing grinding noise. At which point they both start laughing so hard they can barely sit up. Evidently, there is an attractive young girl from his class watching him as he is doing all this and he is VERY aware of it. He is mortified, and his laughter is almost out of control.
He pulls himself together enough to back out and drive past her through the parking lot. She is watching the whole time – he never stops laughing.
We get around to the back of the building, and rather than going out the exit he says, “I’m going around again.” His friend in the back seat is now hysterical – I am starting to giggle too. So – we go again. She watches, smiling, the boys are still hysterical, and I am watching the road because my GOD someone has to. We get to the back of the building again and he says, “I’m going around again.” This time he turns the radio up and plans to kinda do a point his finger / wink gesture at her… not meant as a cool thing but as a way to sorta laugh at himself and the situation. Of course he is too hysterical laughing to do that, so we simply drive by again, him watching her, her watching him, buddy in the back seat roiling with laughter, and me…just along for the ride.
This time – when we get to the back of the building he pulls over to do some planning about how to get her number. It is eventually decided that the buddy will go.
He jumps out of the car cell phone in hand and disappears through the buildings.
He returns successful. Her name is Shawna, her number has been saved to both their cells.

Do you know the scene in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – where Jennifer Grey meets up with Charlie Sheen in the police station.
Sheen : You didn't tell me your name
Grey : Oh, well it's it's Jean, but a lot a lot of guys call me Shana.
And there is this swell of music in the background “Shaaawwwnaaa”
Its pretty funny, and the guys had to play it as soon as we got home.

There is mandatory 3 day waiting period before the initial call can be made.

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