Monday, August 23, 2004

Ow ow ow ow

Would someone please remind me… and my achy wife, that we are over 40.
We need to stop the madness. We seem to be on a project jag.

This weekends projects involved heavy things. Things so heavy they should really be just left where they are.
The catalyst for this project, as it is for so many, was the FREE dog. (a post soon to come is the list of improvements done to accommodate our pound puppy)

There is a place in the back yard by the fence where the dog has worn away any semblance of a lawn. It’s where she goes to greet (attack) people when they pull into the driveway. We have been trying to figure out a solution to this problem for quite some time. We finally came up with – rocks. Rocks are heavy. So is digging out the dirt where you want to install the big, heavy rocks. My wife loves working with rocks. We are pretty sure she was a mason in some former life – but at 5’2” and 115 lbs wet… she is not really built like a mason.

Add to that – me and my bright ideas. I decided mid way through the project that we need to purchase a couple of 6”x6”‘s to install in an area adjacent to this, since doing it at a later time would simply be more work.
Have you ever lifted a pressure treated 6”x6”? Well, evidently when you want to sink one halfway into the ground and level it – you end up lifting it a lot.

So of course, after installing these ridiculously big and heavy pieces of wood, I spent the remaining time trying to convince my wife that quitting for the day and having cold beers was a really, really good idea. She put me to work while I was trying to talk her out of finishing the project that we ended up finishing. She is very clever, that wife of mine. And we are both very sore today.

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