Friday, March 23, 2007



Well, its spring here in New England.
ooo the horror of it
The thing about spring is... mud.
Well, also sand.
Its everywhere, and its coming into your home.

So spring is a good time of year to place an extra mat by the door. This will help in keeping some of that sand at bay.

But the best thing you can do for your floors right now is to simply keep them vacuumed. Just keeping the fine layer of sandy silt off the floors will keep them looking shiny and new.
Even if you are in the habit of slipping off your shoes, some of this silt still gets in and then acts like sandpaper as you paddle around in your slippered feet.

I don't recommend sweeping or even swiffering - as these methods rub the sand around the floor, and will dull the finish (tho I do like that swiffer for under the bed and dusting the walls... more on this another friday).

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