Monday, March 26, 2007

Chapter 13 – Ranch Hands

(a sporadic continuation of the ‘FREE dog’ series)

Last night my sweet wife and I were catching up on several shows which we had recorded on our beloved DVR and flipping back and forth to the women’s games on ESPN.
Ah, Sunday night bliss.

Every so often I heard some noises from the direction of the kitchen. My clever wife pointed out that the FREE dog was in the kitchen guarding the chicken.
You see, the FREE dog would NEVER touch food on the counter however, she simply keeps an eye it.
She is as well behaved as they come.
And…since Ferris showed up unannounced this weekend my coddling wife made sure there was a ‘pot of something’ on the stove the entire time. Since Ferris is basically an eating machine – he can just take what he wants when he wants it.
The FREE dog is acutely aware of this system, and takes it upon herself to guard any food that may be left to fend for itself.
And so last night… since the chicken was sitting all by itself in the kitchen while we watched TV – it was the FREE dog’s job to remain by its side. We thought nothing of it.

When it was time for bed, I went to let the FREE dog out for her last pee of the night. This is our routine. She rarely actually leaves the stoop – because she knows when she comes in she will get a biscuit. I don’t really care that she doesn’t actually pee…she has never once had an accident in the house – so clearly she knows her own bladder.

However, when I went into the kitchen last night to find her - no dog... the chicken, forlorn and alone, on the stove.
I went upstairs.
No dog.

I vaguely remember letting her out earlier… tho we don’t really watch her when she goes out because the yard is well fenced. Had I left her out in the dark this entire time? …o dear! Poor thing.

I looked out the door… no dog.
Atho… she is a black dog and it was dark. As I went to call out to her, I heard the faintest little sound behind me at the side door.
The side door which leads to the driveway.
The driveway which is not surrounded by fence.

And there she was.
Waiting to come in.
Covered in mud.

This morning my clever wife found this.

And so we will walk the fence line.
Look for weak spots.
And begin to mend the fence.

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