Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Trap is Set

The traps are in place. Two of them. Let's see how we do.

Remember these are 'humane' traps. These mice will be re-located.
To get the mice to willing enter the trap, my coddling wife prepared a tasty treat for each trap.

She took a small saltine - well not just a saltine but a wheat saltine, with reduced sodium, from Trader Joe's. She put a dollop of peanut butter on the cracker. Well... not just peanut butter, but Jif. She says Jif is best because they put molasses into it. I have to agree... she needed to make several of these tasty treats as I kept eating them instead of loading the traps.

The directions said to place the trap along the wall, because evidently mice travel along the walls (tho this is not at all evidenced by the paint balls).

Since I am good at following direction - I place the trap along the wall.

Here is the door. See, it only swings one way.

See the tasty treat inside? Hard to resist, eh!

I will photograph the catch tomorrow (optimistic aren't I?).

(as Fran noted... I will check the traps often, otherwise the mice might expire. The would not be good karma)

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