Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Somebody hide the remote

Sometimes I wish I had the strength to toss the TV right out the window…and I don’t mean physical strength.

I went to the gym during my lunch break yesterday, and foolishly turned on the TV while I ran endlessly going nowhere on The Machine That I Hate(1).
I was watching The View. I found it… mildly amusing at best.

BUT then I saw a commercial by the folks who make Lysol. They were hawking some new plug in type air freshener. First, let me just say that I really don’t like air fresheners in the home. Fine in the office – where you really can’t control your aromatic environment but cleanliness should not be replaced with pleasant smelling tricks.

Which is EXACTLY what these Lysol folks want you to do.
So much so in fact, they spell it out for you. The voice over said something about covering up bacterial odors and they gave two examples. One was a teenage boy with smelly sneakers. Ok… I was not completely irate here, smelly sneakers can happen – we did raise a boy. (Of course he got new sneakers as soon as there was any detectable odor. He is actually rather fastidious about his shoes.)
But… the next one folks had me gasp audibly.
They showed a bathroom, and suggested that the toilet was the source of the bacterial odors by having it grow to enormous size and then have a child walk in and grimace at the smell.
Did they suggest cleaning the toilet??
They suggested that you get this wonderful magical fix it all up electric(2) air freshener.

Please, please I implore you. If your toilet smells(3) – CLEAN IT.

1) TMTIH – the elliptical
2) Do you really need to waste even more electricity on an air freshener?
3) This should never actually happen of course. The toilet should be cleaned regularly regardless of the way it looks or smells, and therefore will never degrade to the point of causing odors.


j said...

Agree 100%.

What I find interesting is that one would think that from the abundance of these products and commercials (Glade, Lysol, etc) that like - everyone uses them.

I know we don't (we keep a small bottle of scented oil with bamboo sticks in it in the bathroom, which is completely...almost unnoticeable and that's about it) and none of our friends who the heck is buying all of this air freshener??

deb said...

I couln't agree more. I really, really, really hate commercials hawking products that ought not be used (nor allowed) anyway.

You're so right.

The peeps who buy this stuff are not thinking folks. They would rather sweep a problem under a rug, cover it with "air freshner" than really fix it.

May the germs reach up and bite their arses as they sit contemplating on their throne! (evil grin)

Sharon said...

I also detest air fresheners. Especially the one's you plug in to the wall. I prefer a nice scented candle if I have to have a scent in the air.

But to your #3 suggestion about people actually cleaning their toilets. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Seems to be a foreign concept to some folks.

And J, it's the lesbians who wear too much cologne who are purchasing all those air fresheners. That's my theory anyway. It's yet to be proven wrong.

Rural Lesbian said...

It is turn off your TV week until Sunday. I have unplugged all 3 of mine and boy it is quiet around here. My gf doesn't like the idea, but I can live without it. I am getting more done around the house and reading my giant stack of books.

WenWhit said...

You should watch more sports, Weese. All the commercials are for beer and cars... and the occasional worker's comp insurance company.

chapin said...

Wen has a great idea about watching more sports. They also think that only guys watch so they also show hot babes from time to time.
I don't like air fresheners either but the people at work just adore them. I don't know why but some folks do some nasty smelling business in the ladies room at school. (we only have one) When they are done they spray this tropical fruit smelling crap which just adds to the nasty smell. TMI I'm sure but some folks just don't get it.

WenWhit said...

Damn, how could I forget to mention the beer and car commercials are full of hot women?

I'd recommend you NOT check out Randy Johnson's complexion in HD, though.

WordsRock said...

Who the hell lets their toilet get so dirty it smells?

SassyFemme said...

I love coming to your blog, I just never know what to expect; dirty toilet talk from you, vagina talk from your wife. It's truly the highlight of my day! :)

Anonymous said...

There is a product that traps the odor and keeps the bathroom from smelling. Its called, Poo~Pourri. It does work, especially on my husband. Also its natural. Have you tried it?

Anonymous said...

Yes!! In fact I was given a bottle of Poopourri as a "Gag" (no pun intended) gift. Now, I have a bottle in each bathroom, and sitting on my desk at work! When I ran out, my co-workers mentioned to me that I really needed to get my re-fill shipped priority! BTW, I agree 100% with your post on air fresheners.