Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Weekend Outing

One of my artistic wife’s favorite places is the Met… for those who don’t live near NYC, which is the center of the universe – this can either mean the Metropolitan Opera, or the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Today I refer to the Museum. (she also loves the Louvre…but we don’t get out there as often)

We have been going to this museum since … well since the mid 80’s. We have favorite rooms, specific artists and certain paintings that we like to visit each time.
My painterly wife loves the American Wing, and the Dutch painters have a special place in her heart.
In the rooms which house the permanent collection of European paintings I have a favorite bench… it faces a Rembrandt self portrait which I have grown to love, and allows me a rest while my wife enjoys long visits with her Vermeer’s.

We have visited the museum in each season – Christmas time is always a favorite.
Spring time in the park can be lovely, and dinner in little Italy is fab in the summer.

We brought ‘The Daughter’ to this museum when she was small enough for a piggy back. I remember this distinctly because after a full day in the museum she was tired and we rode her on our backs the entire 30 blocks back to Grand Central. We didn’t take cabs or the subway in those days… we were young…and strong… and broke.

A few years back we introduced Ferris to the Met with the Da Vinci exhibit. We learned Ferris’ insight into art is priceless. Having been raised by artists in a home filled with art, he saunters through a room filled with renowned European painters and his keen eye hones in immediately on this piece.

Can you see why?

We returned to the Met this weekend after having been away for several years. Perfectly timed with a special exhibit of Louis Comfort Tiffany. If you are in the area, I highly recommend it. It’s extremely well presented.
We will of course now be purchasing lead, glass cutters, grinders and several pieces of colored glass – as my affected wife gets inspired.

This perfect museum visit was topped off with a meal in Greenwich village, a visit to a head shop, and the near purchase of a $2300.00 dollar puppy.
I adore my sweet wife’s birthday.


maxine said...

From the Free dog to $2300, I do so love the balancing of extremes.

WordsRock said...

Did you drop the $2,300 at the head shop?

het (aka quickfit) said...

some of this art is old.....and talking of old I really dont believe you are 250 years old


Sharon said...

Okay, so my eyes are getting old. Is that dog taking a dump?

Syd said...

yeah, that's what I want to know. Surely that dog isn't crapping. Is he? I may have a new appreciation for art...

SassyFemme said...

There's so much to amuse me in the post... shitting dogs, you two visiting a head shop, and a $2300 dog!

I have to say I'm really wondering just how we missed this piece of artwork when we were there last summer.

maxine said...

MAW(tm) needs comments on her sidebar!! Get to work, woman!

Val said...

Sounds wonderful... I want to see the output from her inspiration on the tiffany stuff.