Friday, June 15, 2007


Will you be throwing any big parties this summer? Perhaps a graduation, or a family reunion, or perhaps taking part in a town-wide happening such as a lobsterfest or clam bake?
To make the event even more memorable, or to really call attention to your group – whip up some iron-on T-shirts.
They are so easy to do using the iron-on paper right in your own color printer, and you can make as few or as many as you need.
Come up with any wacky design you can think of and start ironing.

Remember, it’s important to use a hard, flat surface – don’t rely on your ironing board for the best quality. And try looking online for affordable (yet good quality) T-shirts if you have a lot to make.


Maria said...

I had to smile. The thought of me wielding an iron is simply comical. I assure you that I am fully capable of burning the house down...

And coming up with a creative design? That falls perilously close to arts and crafts, which I avoid at all costs.

But, I like the idea.

Bing and I were just talking about having a "new potty party" when she finishes remodeling our bathroom. I couldn't even come up with a decent menu. I suggested potluck. I am a very lazy woman.

Syd said...

You'll probably be hearing from K for giving me this idea. [big ass grin]

SassyFemme said...

You're in charge of the t-shirts the next time someone hosts a blog friends get together! Just don't ask Syd for help with the design, we might actually want to wear them in public!

Val said...

hmmm... when IS the next blog folk get together???!!!

WenWhit said...

It's finally happened: a tip o day that is meaningless to me. *pout*

Can the next one involve power tools? :)

maxine said...

Wendy, it will be meaningful to you soon enough. Really. It became meaningful to me today, in fact.