Monday, June 11, 2007

Those late night calls

First, Ferris is fine.

How many blog entries have I started like that?

19 year old boys are invincible, immortal and seemingly made of rubber.
When Ferris was 5 years old he was hit by a car in front of our house. He flew 25 feet across the front yard – right in front of me.
Ferris was fine.
His uncle dubbed him RubberMan from that day on.

With Ferris you can expect anything, so when the phone rings at 2:22 a.m. – it may not necessarily be anything to worry about.
Then again… sometimes it is.
Again. He is fine.
The car… not so much.

At first skillfully maneuvering to avoid a car speeding through a red light – he unfortunately met with disaster when he launched over a ridiculously high curb and down a ditch. Airbags deployed, front under carriage and tires completed destroyed.
He and a buddy walked away.

At first inconsolable, mad and sad… his sister helped to bring him out of his cocoon. They are like that. An 8 year age gap and a bond like cement.

We are grateful for these kids of ours.
And insurance…


eb said...

He got hit by car, flew 25 ft and was ok? Wow. Were you ok? That would have freaked me out for years.

So the car speeding through the red light? Did it just keep speeding on its merry way after nearly killing two people?

So glad your boy is ok. Cars can be replaced.

clammy said...

thank goodness for boys who are rubber men and sisters who are there for them. Good to read he's fine.

SassyFemme said...! So glad he's okay, and so sweet that the two kids have such a tight bond!

Will the insurance of the driver who went through the light cover Ferris' car?

chapin said...

I'm glad to hear the boy is okie dokie. I don't know about you but I hate calls in the middle of the night...well most calls that is.

Val said...

Good to hear that he's ok. It's cool that he's surrounded by very supporting women in his life. His future wife is a lucky woman! :)

maxine said...

Was this before or after Lisa Day activities involving copious ammounts...

...of bacon?

Anonymous said...

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WordsRock said...

Good lord. Glad the ending is happy. Or at least not tragic! Rubber man, indeed.

What's up with anon? It's fascinating how s/he has related an automobile accident with sex. And here I thought I was creative!

Anonymous said...

Thank god the boy is OK!

dykewife said...

holy schamoly!!! that's a child that would've had me dead of a heart attack by now. i'm glad that he's ok and that there is insurance. to be honest, i'm surprised at your calm. i'm not sure i could be literate enough to type a coherent entry after that kind of experience.

the only daughter said... close. So lucky, blessed, charmed. So glad to hear Ferris (and his buddy) walked away unharmed, physically. So glad too that his sister knew just what to say, what to do.
So glad.

zahava (mrs. treppenwitz) said...

OMG! So very glad to hear that Ferris is okay. May he not have occasion to need to use his nickname again for a loooooooonnnnnggggg time!