Thursday, June 28, 2007

and so it goes...

I have a little bit of poison ivy on my hand. I don't know where or when I got it.

The house is in desparate need of a good scrubbing. We have tomorrow off, and scrubbing is first on the list.

I continue to patch my convertible top with gobs and smears of clear silicone. It's working swimmingly.

The weed-n-feed application mysteriously burned parts of the lawn. I am sad.

Our social schedule is packed until mid August. This is fun.

We have taken several days off from work in July. This is very fun.

My alert wife tells me the slugs are back this year. I will put beer out for them.

I may add to this list later, if the mood strikes.


SassyFemme said...

Beer and slugs? 'Splain please!

Enjoy your day off, once you're done the scrubbing.

Val said...

You do have a lot of fun. And that is a good thing.

And I, too, want to know the relationship between slugs and beer.

kitty litter said...

The 'Free Dog" doesnt drink the beer? I found my cat sloshed one morning after drinking all my slug beer.
For Sassy and Val....Slugs are attracted to the malt, climb in and drown...not unlike the way Syd may go....

WordsRock said...

I am confused about your handling of slugs. Why do the indoor insects get gently carried outdoors, the mice get relocated to a park, but the slugs are lured to drown in beer?

I'm honestly curious. I don't harbor much affection for slugs either.

weese said...

hmm, this is a good question.

I would think, first off, that it would be almost impossible to relocate a slug.

Then - technically, I am not 'killing' them. I am simply being a good hostess and offering them a way to quench their thirst. That they can't seem to handle their liqour...well this is not really something I can control.

Now... where you really should question my methods is the mass genocide of the hose end sprayer. :)