Friday, November 30, 2007



The holidays are fast approaching. So I suppose today's tip should be holiday-ish.
I should tell you to gather twigs from your yard and spray paint them silver and gold for a festive center piece. Perhaps how to make a wreath out of wine corks, or bottle caps or used tampon wrappers. Maybe even how best to set your holiday table.
But no. Martha I am not.

My tip for you this holiday season is to conserve. Conserve your energy, conserve your resources, conserve your finances.
Make this the year that you make a holiday budget. Don't overbuy. We all already have too much stuff. Getting presents becomes numbing rather than a treat. The whole concept of returns...just makes me cringe. What is the point of all of it.
Buy a bottle of wine for someone ..then share it with them. Bring a baked good - or if you're coming to my house, a dish of raw vegetables.
I am not condemning a little gift exchange - just be reasonable. Think it through. If you have to give Aunt Elsy a gift receipt for the purple flowered turtle neck... then perhaps you should re-think.

Let's all buy less. Drink more.


Anonymous said...

"buy less, drink more"
THAT will be my holiday mantra

WenWhit said...

You are my HERO.

WordsRock said...

You DO brim with sound judgment, my friend.

SassyFemme said...

So we'll swing by your place with raw veggies rather than traditional fudge and cookies?

Very sound advice, in all seriousness. For me it's hard to follow when it comes to Jen and Matt.

weese said...

(there can be exemptions for your own children)

treppenwitz said...

OK, I just hope they'll take back that convertible Beemer I ordered for you. :-)

Val said...

Wow... your blogfather loves you more than his family! :)

Good advice as always... wise weese.