Monday, November 12, 2007

The Universe Speaks

I was complaining Sunday morning about having to go out and rake leaves all day. I procrastinated as long as I could …enjoying morning coffee, circling condos in the real estate section, and calling friends to commiserate.

We finally dragged ourselves out there for an afternoon’s work.
It was 39 degrees, and a breeze was just starting to kick in. Perfect.

We have a lot of leaves. Personally, I think we have more leaves than we do trees to support them. Some people’s leaves get blown away by the wind. Didja ever wonder where they went? … Pretty sure it’s my house.

I was somewhat curious, tho unfazed, when I found the pull cord to the lawn mower cut clean through. My best attempts to knot it and start the engine were foiled.
I moved on. We had a lot to do.
That’s when the tractor died.
It had been running… not 15 minutes earlier. Now… turn the key – nothing. The tractor is a huge part of our leaf removal process. This was not good.
I tried everything I knew. I opened the hood… looked at the engine, fiddled with the wires on the ignition. Got off, got on. Made sure the blades were disengaged. Turned the key several times – because that often works if you just keep trying.
It didn’t.
I am not a mechanic.
I abandoned it in the side yard.

We did as much hand raking and tarp hauling as we could stand… and went back in.
We put on the ball game and I pulled out the real estate section again.


Process said...

You lucky, lucky girls--no work, and no guilt about no work!

maxine said...

Sounds like natural mulch to me...

the only daughter said...

more leaves than trees to support them? I know I do and they are still blowing.

WordsRock said...

Just how much raking and tarp hauling equates to "how much you could stand"?

Wendy and I were geared up to go. We still had energy left when the only leaves that remained were still in the trees.

That's sounds like gloating but it's not. I'm sure you understand.

Val said...

Sometimes certain people need a LOT OF SIGNS for them to stop worrying about the chores and to just sit back, watch a game and envision a simple condo kind of life!!!!

SassyFemme said...

You know, those folks who put up signs and place ads advertising fall yard clean ups really do a decent job for not a lot of money.

clammy said...

I'm leaving a comment... heh. There's never enough ball games or beer to reward a good leaf hauling.

angela said...

The onslaught of leaves hasn't hit us yet; our trees are at the height of their color this week. I'm anticipating, though...and it already hurts.

eb said...

I don't rake leaves. Alonzo does. Not to rub it in or nuthin'.