Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Mawwiage ith waht bwings uth toghethah twudaaay.

My Sister-in-Law got married. Now I can officially call him my Brother-in-Law.

Our whole family was involved. The Daughter the Therapist and Ferris were in the wedding party.

Me.. and this handsome fellow, a dear friend of the happy couple, were appointed the 'Hosts'.

We were basically in charge. We greeted guests and got them to where they needed to be. Made sure the bridal party was ready and looking sparky. We made sure the guests had everything they needed, working closely with the caterer and waitstaff.

Oh right ...and my Officiant wife performed the ceremony.

These two are an amazing couple. They overflow with good energy.
They planned their ceremony together, wanting something that broke away from the mold yet retained some of a marriage ceremonies finer points.
The result was spiritual, playful and sweetly emotional.
Several people commented after the ceremony that they wanted to do theirs over again... that they didn't realize a ceremony could be like this.

EV and ML were married in a castle by the sea.

The ceremony was on the lawn looking over the water, with the reception inside this grand castle.

Our family arrived early to prep and get ready.
Here we have the bride - in civilian clothes, helping The Daughter The Therapist tie something.

Ferris - who showed up on time and perky, having rolled out of his dorm room after a very late night campus party, - helps his Poppop pull himself together.

My Officiant wife goes over the ceremony script one last time. I am sure that she hears me quietly in her head telling her not to cry during the ceremony. I spent most of the morning telling her to buck up. It did not work of course. Nor did I expect it to.

Someone asked me if I had brought scissors with me. Um... of course!

Once the gals were ready, MM and I got the guests organized

and made sure the wedding party was all lined up nicely.

Ahhh, can you just feel the love.

EV and ML had strong feelings about their ceremony in every detail. We spoke about this on several occasions. And when they asked me to do a reading, I was honored. And so I wanted to honor them:

EV and ML, its clear you took great care in selecting this place for your ceremony.
When you came upon this place, the beauty of Nature’s elements -- earth, water and air – certainly must have impressed you as it does us today.
In your honor, let’s pause to notice these elements surrounding us, in the same way that we surround you today
Let’s all take a moment to feel our connection to the earth below our feet. Let that remind us that we are all connected as family.
As we look out onto the ocean waters, we can allow our spirits to roll freely with the waves.
As we breathe in deeply, we’ll let the crisp October air fill us with openness, joy, and a boundless energy for life.
We are all overwhelmed and blessed by these divine elements. And when this day is done, may we always remember this place, and the sacred connection we have to each other and to all living things.

The ceremony was rich with spirituality with just a sprinkle of tradition.
We were all very moved.

...and then it was time for 'pictures'

...and THEN it was time for some cocktails... which, of course, led to some wild dancing.

and some romantic dancing

EL and ML got married in a castle by the sea.



Syd said...

Weese...that was just spectacular. Thank you so much for sharing it.

I know we're buds and all, so this may seem weird...but the pic of you two dancing is H-O-T!!

maxine said...

I love the pic of you two!!

eb said...

Wow. Just wonderful! I love that pic of Maw and her sister giving each other that 'sister' look.

And what Syd said...H-O-T.

eb said...

and the pic of The Daughter and Ferris dancing...priceless.

WordsRock said...

I'm off to shed a tear or two... magnificent!

WenWhit said...

OMG. That... is amazingly beautiful.

Thank you.

Trop said...

Wonderful pictures! And like everyone else, my favorite is of you dancing. Very romantic indeed.

Anonymous said...


Val said...

To read this and view the pics was so close to being invited.
Loved Ferris and the Daughter dancing and of course, you and MAW are beautiful.

Thanks for sharing.

EL said...

Thanks, Weese!! What great retelling of the story, it's like we're right back there again. Oh, I love to cry at work on a Friday morning. ;)

j said...

Sweet. yay pics.

psuacoustician said...

awww... such nice pictures

clammy said...

thanks for a peak into a lovely time. It must have been really special for everyone. Congratulations. Glad you could come up for air and post it.

SassyFemme said...

Sitting on the floor of an airport sniffling and teared up reading this. Simply beautiful.

brenda said...

i absolutely LOVED this post. great story..great pictures..great love. :) ahhhhh

chapin said...

As always I'm late to the comment party but it looks like a great time.

Oh the pic of you dancing.

the only daughter said...

Even later than Chapin--but still all so very beautiful. Timeless.

zahava said...

Your words to the couple are so beautiful! What a thoughtful gift to them, to those present at the wedding, and now to us!

[dabs own eyes]

Thanks for sharing!