Wednesday, May 27, 2009

patiently waiting

I just saw the street cleaners on the side road across the street.
That means they will come to my street soon.
I get very excited about the street cleaners.
Think about it... its like the biggest industrial vacuum ever.

Of course I ran right out there to sweep out the end of my driveway.
I mean hey... none of that sand and gravel out there is mine. The way I figure it is I bought those street cleaners with tax money.
It's the least they could do for me.


Anonymous said...

We just had the sweepers on our street last week. I swear it seems like we were the last street in the town to get them.

KMae said...

Oh yeah!

Jen said...

Its the hallway Zamboni that makes my day...vacuum, wash and wax on in one ridable machine

e said...

You are so funny with teh cleaning! I've got to agree though, I love it when they sweep my street.

In the fall we have two leaf collection days when the city brings big scoopers and trucks to gather up the huge drifts of gutter-clogging leaves. They finish off with the street sweeper. And, for one day, the street is immaculate (for asphalt). I get really irked at the people who neglect to move their cars on leaf collection day ~ the city actually lets us know when it'll be. The very worst is when someone else's car is parked in front of my house... argh! Jerk!