Friday, September 18, 2009



Time to check your winter power equipment.
Do you have a snowthrower or perhaps a generator?

It's a really good time of year to check on your winter gear. Change the oil, turn the engine over - make sure everything is up and running. Check your shear bolts, the skid pads and auger to be sure you don't need to replace any worn parts. Plenty of time to order parts before the flakes fly.

I know it may seem a little early but I truly dislike having to monkey around with power equipment once it gets cold out. Plus soon enough we will be caught up with the leaves and taking in the screens and such.
With afternoons still in the 70's it makes for a pleasant experience.
Plus, when that first snow comes I want instant gratification.


sporksforall said...

mm, what are these things of which you speak? Where are they found?

Forecast for worst day of winter: rainy high of 50 low of 45

Anonymous said...

Snow thrower??? Oh yeah, that thing in the garage I keep tossing stuff on top of. I knew it was there for a reason, other than to hold the electric cords for the lawn stuff.

Guy said...

Don't forget the furnace.

Teresa said...

Sometimes it gets cold enough for our heater to pop on. California weather is boring.

Anonymous said...

i need to get me one of those machines!

Maria said...

Bing is good at this. She gets everything up and running on time and in good order. God help me if she ever leaves me.

Val said...

ah... condo living... it sure is grand! :)

Anonymous said...

No snow where I live. :)