Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More fun with science

Ok, kids today we will learn about velocity and mass.

How fast does a vehicle need to be travelling(V) to move an object of a specific weight (M) a certain distance (D)?

To test this equation - someone drove through our stone wall last evening, how convenient.
Let's review that sentence.
The key phrases are 'drove through' and 'stone wall'.

Please view the test data below. Note that we were not home at the time of the incident (rats).

Here is the scene:

The most likely approach (V):

Gaping hole:

Hmm, the gaping hole seems to be approximately the size of a midsized Toyota:

My flipflop included to show size of a moved object(M):

Distance (D):



sporksforall said...

Wow indeed. We had a kid knock down our front fence by hitting two cars into it while traveling in excess of 40mph 100 feet from a stop light (that was red). He may have been (allegedly) racing someone else.

Good deduction on the Toyota bit!

eb said...

People drive down that street at a frightening speed. I'm surprised this sort of thing doesn't happen more often. Of course, lots of folks up there seem to always be in a big hurry - like every road they drive on is a freakin' freeway and the freeway itself is the Indianapolis 500.

Has your industrious wife fixed the wall already?

PixieFlute said...

Were they drunk? They had to be going awfully fast and driving awfully stupidly. Does insurance pay, or have you two industrious ladies already rebuilt the wall?

Trish said...

wow is right!

had to be going rather quickly to do that...and yet, no one left a note?!?!?! WTH?

better'n the one we saw last night. Walking thru town, near a stoplight that was red. Girl in car yells out to girl and her boyfriend on the street "I love you Amber!" and skreetches forward as Amber yells back "I love you too!"...and girl in car rear ends a Honda in front of her. Girl in car's bumper was hosed, Honda was probably ok, if no whiplash. Guess that's the price of love! Oh and not paying the hell attention while driving.

SlimPickens said...

Freakin drunks! They should all be shot.

ps. What'cha doin' Friday?

e said...

Wow! That's some velocity! When you rebuild the wall, maybe you should have some very, very large boulders delivered and incorporate them into the design.

Agree with Trish ~ no note?! How inconsiderate!

teeveezed said...


Trish said...

we once had our backyard burned up, our gate/fence broken down, power off and NO NOTE. Turns out a garbage truck, across the creek backed into the power lines, which snapped and fell into our yard, which started a fire. FD shows up and despite the gate/fence badly needing repair to the point that all you had to do was LOOK at it funny and it would fall over, the FD smashed the gate to smithereens. Charred backyard, charred fence, broken gate/fence, no power, no nothing. Had to call the power company to ask when our power would go back on & THEY finally told us what happened. Talked to all involved eventually and no one even considered leaving a note.

In your case, I can't believe the PD wasn't involved, esp since the Toyota must have been towed out of there!