Thursday, July 08, 2010

nature... it plays with us

One afternoon last week my able-bodied wife and I were in the back yard collecting some branches and limbs for the fire-pit we planned to light later that night.
As I was bending over to pick up sticks I saw a squirrel tail...with the rest of the body tucked under some overgrowth.
I protectively grabbed my distracted wife's arm and held her back.
'Stand back!' I declared, pointing to the tail end of the deceased animal.

Feeling all bravado from saving my wife - I went to get a shovel to bury the poor little guy. I bury any animals I may find around the yard, or those that our pets may have killed. After so many years here we now have a pretty full cemetery of birds, mice and chipmunks, and the like. I feel it's the proper Christian thing to do. Even tho I myself and not a religious person - far be it for me to judge anyone elses faith. I also make it a point to get them into the ground before dusk... should they be Jewish.

As I grabbed the shovel off its hook, I wondered off-handedly why the FREE dog hadn't found this little treasure yet. Seemed odd. O well.

I had some trouble digging the hole - kept running into roots and rocks. After 3 attempts I finally had a hole that satisfied my needs.
So I returned to the dead animal to scoop it up.
Seemed light as I slid the shovel under him. This was odd...the fur looked fresh so it could not have been there long - I would have expected a little more heft.
As I pulled it out of its hiding spot I noticed that the fur was in remarkable shape, and wait... is that eye actually open! Wait a minute wait a minute - whats with the stitches on the paws, and is it leaking... stuffing...


Trish said...


nice of you to make sure the "maybe Jewish" stuffed animal gets buried before sunset for "Free dog" to unbury it later!

lol...then again, I have more than once taken a shower shoe or croc to a dark blob moving on the floor---only to find out it is dog fur blowing in the wind...sigh

teeveezed said...


KMae said...


e said...

how many toys are buried in your backyard, i wonder? :-)

Anonymous said...

OMG! I am literally LMAO!! It took me a few days to screw up the courage to try to lift out the dead bunny rabbit doll from under some shrubs in front of the house when we first moved to CT! Pixie and I thought we were the only ones... LOL!!

Val said...

You are nothing if not 'religiously-correct', weese!
This is hysterical.

Glad you 'saved' your wife from harm.

So proud of you, she must be!