Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oops - I heard some news

When I take the long commute into the office once a week or so I tune to the local news station to grab a traffic report so I can choose my route.

Sometimes... inadvertently I end up hearing some of the news.

This morning I heard some thick headed, dimwitted Yoga instructors have applied for a U.S. Patent on their yoga positions.


I am so embarrased to be an American.


Trish said...

I'm sorry, I don't bring cash with me to the gym...guess this means I can't continue with my yoga class at 25c a pose?!?!



eb said...

You've heard of Bikram Yoga, yes? The hot yoga dealeo. It's basically the same yoga poses over 60 minutes in 104 degree heat. If you go to a Bikram yoga class in Peoria it will be exactly the same as a Bikram yoga class in hoity toity New Yawk. It's patented. Patented yoga moves.

I would imagine this is what the yoga patenters were basing their patenting on. They're basically protecting an exercise program they've developed aka... Buns of Steel. Though I imagine you don't need that (right Prunella?).

weese said...

ah ...yes... bikram - i have heard of that Americanized yoga. I have also heard there are Bikram competitions.
more embarrassment.
pathetic... competitive Americans.

eb said...

Oh, I get it now. This is not the blog of a mild mannered, yet to the point, Friday tip of the day cleaning lady. It's really the blog of a subversive anarchist subtly pushing a radical, Socialist agenda via seemingly benign posts about yoga patents.

Consider yourself outed.

weese said...

hmm - subversion implies overthrow, i much too busy mopping floors to overthrow anything or anyone.
i am simply embarrassed.

as for my radical, socialist agenda... well, i am hardly benign about that - now am i.

eb said...

There were lots of floor moppers partaking in the French Revolution. Speaking of...

weese said...

but i am italian.
we are lovers.
(after the mopping is complete)