Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Science time!

Not too long ago we studied the melting point of chocolate here in my warm attic office.

Luckily I have an air conditioner up here with me today.
I can now eat chocolate freely.

For today's melting experiments:

What is the melting point of candle wax?


From further data we can hypothesize that it's lower than that of a large, black, FREE dog*.

Let's get this into perspective - shall we -

*she went out there willingly... never said she was bright.
also - yes the grass is dead. I like to call it summer dormancy.


Anonymous said...

Today, without AC, I resemble that candle.

e said...

I will probably resemble that candle after I ride my bike home this afternoon. First day of truly hot, summery weather!

Trish said...

It's not summer dormancy, they are dead spots from where "free dog" has lain about the yard. It's ALL her fault! ;-) Or at least, that's what OUR town called it when they prohibited blankets in our local park, because "they kill the grass". Uhm...riiight. Can't use the park, but it looks nice!

Shoot her with water every few hours to make sure she moves now and again so the grass will grow!

Hope it cools off a bit---had been 100F here on the 4th, a balmy 75 here this afternoon.

wv: towelwee just a wee towel because it is SO hot, you wouldn't want to get TOO warm!