Thursday, November 11, 2010

drawing the line on cool

Here at the new digs we have what's called an 'open workplace environment'.

This basically means that are cubicle walls are low enough so we can see our neighbors. my case, just the top of my head.

Our overly organized and some what ideological company gave us plenty of pamphlets, seminars and web links so that we all know how to adjust while being considerate of others in our new space.
To that end - our speaker phone buttons have been disabled, we should not partake in odorous food at our desks, we should refrain from yelling over to workmates, and we are also supposed to adopt a 'clean desk policy' - tho I am not exactly sure what that is yet. I am quite certain that I am conforming simply by default.

Every one was also issued a wireless headset.
The headset will work pretty much anywhere in the building. This allows you to pick up a call ...and if you feel it may be disruptive in any way you can simply grab your wireless laptop and step into one of several small 'conversation rooms' scattered around.

It appears that some people are rather attached to their snazzy new wireless headsets... literally. They seem to be wearing them all the time in fact.
Just this morning I noticed someone in the kitchen getting coffee with their headset on. This person didn't seem to be on a call - just sporting the headset. This got me to wondering - do these folks wear them right into the restrooms?

Perhaps we made our workplace a little too accessible.


poet said...

in the last couple of call centres i worked at, only the supervisors wore those sporty wireless headsets. personally, i would rather be anywhere but tethered to a phone. alas, i now do it from home (sucker for punishment, perhaps?) .

sounds like a pretty neat work place, how are their policies are perfumes/scents, etc? in a place that open it might be pretty hard, but i am interested in knowing how that works at your job. (and i am also a bit nosy, what do you do?)

KMae said...

Yes 'those people' wear them EVERYWHERE.

e said...

I hope they are not on a call when they are in the restroom! What kind of reception do those headsets get?

Trish said...


that's what *I* want to hear. "Thank you for calling XYZ Company, how may I direct your call? " or "Let me connect you to a supervisor ".