Monday, November 08, 2010

happy meal

I heard that in certain places in California - where the living is healthy, that a certain fast food chain has been asked by some watchdog groups to remove the toys from happy meals*.

The premise I gather is not to reward a child for eating over 600 calories in one sitting.

OVER 600 calories.
In one meal.
For a tiny person.

And they're gonna remove the toy?


* Fun weese fact: I actually served up the very first happy meals back in 1979 as a high school kid working at McD's. We were told it was a promotional offering and would be discontinued that fall. We hated them because we had to fold the boxes into shape. The toys were way better back then.


thEbalzie said...

You worked at McD's. Now That is poetic.

Sing it with me...

Grab a bucket and mop
Scrub the bottom and top
There is nothing so clean
As my burger machine...

treppenwitz said...

I worked at the Burger King across the street back then (I assume you are talking about the one on Main Street Bridgeport not far from the Merritt Canteen)

Beth said...

I worked at McD's in '84/'85. Yep, much better toys back then. I didn't mind putting the boxes together too much.

weese said...

yes david!
that's where i was!

you guys had better shakes than we did.

Trish said...

one of our favorite county supervisors Ken Yeager started this has recently moved north to SF. Ken took a LOT of crap for this...but slowly, it seems to be helping.

Don't know that it stops kids (or parents) from buying the meals, but does stop enticing them to buy them BECAUSE of the meal. I never really liked cracker jacks except that I could dig for the toy, which kind of meant the entire box was mine after I put my grimy hands all over the food inside!

I do laugh tho about the meal discussions...options are apples instead of fries, milk instead of many kids will choose the apples instead of fries if they've been used to fries?

good news for McD's employees, I think most of them use paper bags now instead of boxes...wheee! ;-)