Thursday, August 18, 2011

and then there was the bathroom

I don't have very good before pictures of the bathroom, but let me try to describe it.
The main bathroom is VERY small ... oddly we still bought the house. We were spoiled with our last house in that even tho we only had 1.5 baths, our main bath was rather roomy for an older house.

This bath is typical of the cape style houses found here at the beach. Almost every cape we went into had a similar layout. And actually one of the reasons we liked this little brick house by the marsh is that on either side of this bathroom were decent sized closets for each bedroom. The lack of closet space in houses by the water is astounding. Well...not the houses right on the water - I bet they have loads of closet space, or at least I would hope so. It would really piss me off to pay a million bucks for a house and have my clothes jammed into makeshift closets in the eves.

Anyway... back to the bathroom -

The previous owners had recently remodeled this tiny bathroom to include a really cheap plastic spa tub.
It may look ok in this picture - but the thing warped when you got in. And as we have already established, the previous owners idea of clean and my idea of clean could not be farther apart. I would NEVER be able to bathe in this tub. Just thinking of it now is making me shiver...

And ..yes... it is surrounded by black, fake-marbly tile. Even the ceiling was black tile. Really, what do people think about?

On the other side of the room they installed the largest vanity they could find - perfect for the tiny space.

Clearly ALL this had to go...

We had a new cast iron tub installed.

My artistic-wife picked out delicious tile for the floor - since it was such a small space we spoiled ourselves with marble. It feels amazing under bare feet.

She brightened up the shower area using white and some playful blues.

Then we went to Ikea - who shines at clever ideas for small spaces and got this small vanity and very cool sink/faucet.

Please note: that while currently functional, this room is still under construction. A leak (we now say "yet another leak") was discovered in the wall mounted bathroom fan... this leaking... is a whole 'nother story.


e said...

"What were they thinking?" Oh, how often that phrase is heard in newly purchased homes!

Looks better already!

KMae said...


Anonymous said...

Interesting sink. I'm generally not a fan of Ikea.

I recently had a basement bathroom redone. I'm sad I didn't have the walls insulated with foam spray while everything was exposed. Foam spray is so much better for insulation in cold weather climates.

I'm sure your cast iron bath tub will last forever.

- Rae

teeveezed said...

Love Ikea, love the new bathroom and kitchen.
Hope you fix all the leaks.