Friday, August 26, 2011

and then...

...there is Irene.

Here at the little house by the marsh we are busily preparing for the storm.

The latest models show a direct hit. The biggest issue for us will be flooding. Luckily our little house sits pretty high, but we are taking some precautions in the basement.

We chatted with a cop in the front yard yesterday morning who told us most likely they will post some police down here on our little peninsula, and then close off both access roads.
No in, no out.
We are also preparing to be without power for several days.
Meaning that we will fill our propane tanks and go to the liqour store.

Welcome to the neighborhood!


Trish said...

been thinking about you and many others this weekend. hoping you all survived with not much damage. another friend in CT said it looked like someone ran amok in the yard with a salad shooter (ok, a Biiiiiig salad shooter).

Anonymous said...

Reading this after the storm. I hope all is well. I do however, like your plan of propane and alcohol.