Tuesday, August 09, 2011

...and we're back

we've moved.
we put all of our crap in boxes.
25 years of crap.
in boxes.
and we used ALOT of tape.

5 guys came and put all of those boxes in two trucks.
we all drove down here to the beach (its a marsh actually).
the five guys then unloaded ALL those boxes into our new house.
our new house is smaller than our old house.
the movers lost nothing.

we are nearly unpacked.
but thats only because I live with, and am in love, with an industrious woman.
a woman whose stamina and work ethic are terribly hard to keep up with.

we are still under renovation.
there has been MUCH renovation, and more to come.

in retrospect, I really wished I had been blogging this whole time.

its been hilarious, scary, daunting, wonderful and enlightening.
I don't recommend moving for the faint of heart.
my energizer-wife says the next move will be to the 'home' with just our toothbrushes and a picture of the kids.
I am down with that.


maxine said...

Now it's time to celebrate...with the other Five Guys and a bacon cheeseburger...welcome home!!

eb said...

That's what you get for hiring efficient movers. Congratulations on getting moved in and unboxed.


Trish said...

woo hoooo!

didn't lose anything and didn't break anything. darn! oh well, guess that'll give you something to do in your "spare" time, right? ;-)

enjoy the new locale with your efficient wife and relax. 5 Guys sounds like a good idea!

Fran said...

Congratulations on your new home!! :)

the only daughter said...

Congrats and Fan Tab!!

teeveezed said...

Congratulations on a safe move, sorry you didn't lose anything!