Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We started in the kitchen...

When we bought the little brick house by the marsh (we have marsh views...not beach views - hey we're not millionaires) we knew we would need to make some changes.

The previous owners had a decorating style that... we'll lets just call it early 80's gangster.

So we had already planned on doing extensive painting and to have the floors redone.
notice dark floors...and mustard? walls

..and what the hell is that thing over the sink.

But what we didn't expect to find was so much damage. These people were slobs. And apparently were clueless when it came to house breaking dogs.


We started to tear up the fake wood kitchen floor the day after we closed. What we found underneath was ...simply nasty.

My horrified-wife said,
I want it out.
All out.
Right now!

Bad timing for our friend Bill who was on his way over for the new house tour. But he handled it like a gentleman when I called him to say 'bring a drill'.

new hardwood in the kitchen,

and new cabinets.

Of course, as with every project here at the brick house on the marsh, there have been some glitches and delays.
But hey - plywood counters are way better than where we stared.


Anonymous said...

I love your house stories. And your taste in floors.

Do you think you'll get quite a few mosquitoes living next to a marsh?

- Rae

e said...

The kitchen is the best place to start.

Trish said...

beautiful space.

I suspect the hellish thing over the sink was an indoor trellis. Intended to either grow something over it, or hang something from it. Looks like they failed on that concept too!

I prefer plywood counters to none at all.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I don't see anything wrong with the mustard walls and dark wood. Am I a freak? However, I've followed your posts for years, and I trust you judgement. You two make everything look great.

Pat Grant, Plano, TX

Anonymous said...

Hey, Weese, I wonder if you've ever seen this web "show". If not, enjoy :)

- Rae

KMae said...

The kitchen is looking great..(did they hang pots above the sink?) I also however Love the dark wood floors with the yellow walls. The living room already looks fab!