Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Catching up...

ok ok...trying to catch up.
Had an exquisite birthday weekend. Thanks to my generous wife and awesome kids.
The wine tasting adventure was so much fun. Here are some shots from our day. Also got to have birthday pie (which is from now on a tradition at our more birthday cakes - just pie!). And lots of presents :o)
I do so like October. The daughter's b-day is coming up at the end of the month. So more birthday pie to come!

In other news....
Do try to tune into the debate tonight - if for no other reason than to get handy one-liners to toss around the office tomorrow. Atho, the wife and I have made a pact - that if they start off as nasty as they did last week we are going to watch Sopranos repeats.

Why can't just ONE presidential candidate answer a question with ...
1) the ANSWER (this clearly must be rocket science)
2) no derogatory comments about his opponent (not part of the answer now is it)
3) some data, statistic, facts even conjecture to back up the ANSWER
4) and focus people... when asked a question about the budget - don't answer with someone's attendance record
5) and this is probably too much to ask - but if most of what you say already sounds like a joke - don't try to make jokes, we can't tell the difference

Remember Perot... wasn't he a hoot. If we can't have a really good candidate - why not have a really funny one.

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