Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Chapter 4 – The Beast Within

Riggs continued to grow and grow.
Beyond our expectations and much to Ferris’ delight.

She started to go through her mischievous stage. I suppose if we tally up everything she destroyed during this period it would up our grand total considerably. However, the losses were happening at such a rapid pace – I don’t really even know what we lost. We are still finding stuff out in the back yard – years later. We do know she ate a number of Ferris’ hats, a lot of pens and pencils, any Tupperware should could get her teeth onto and then… there was the Kermit massacre.

Yes, Riggs had developed a taste for …. stuffed animals.

We also learned during this period that Riggs liked to …no… NEEDED to run.
She ran in circles mostly, big circles and very, very fast. With seemingly no purpose other than to RUN. Sometimes she would carry huge sticks when she ran. It was also during this time we learned she had an incredibly high threshold of pain and was more powerful than any other dog we had known.
Clearly we needed a way to deal with this new phase and this freakishly strong dog.
And so we contemplated our next phase of confinement… and control.

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