Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Couple-a-new ones

I am matting and framing some pieces for my artsy wife for some upcoming shows she will be entering this fall. I take photos of them as I frame them generally - so while I was sitting here...thought I would post 'em.
Won't she be surprised. :o)

This is Ferris in Italy. They went last summer. He is enjoying a gelato and its about 120 degrees. (remember that crazy European heat wave last year!)

Gelato by the Trevi

This next one is currently untitled, as Ferris is researching an accurate name for this architectural detail from Madrid.


My adventurous wife took our daughter to Europe when she was a teenager (which is probably coming up on 10 years ago now). The daughter got to pick all of their destinations. She favored London, Belgium, Paris and of course Italy.
Well, last year was Ferris' turn. He surprised us with a strong desire to visit Madrid, they also spent a bit of time in Italy visiting Rome, Naples and the beautiful Sorrento.
The daughter wanted to take in as much as she could, she's an adventurous traveler with non stop energy. Her goal was to visit as many places as time would allow. He wanted to stay as long as he could in each spot. Getting to know the rhythms of real life in other countries, relaxing and making the most of each visit.

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