Monday, October 04, 2004

Weak for Appliances

I just went down to the local Sears store to buy a new filter for the vacuum.
This store has just added appliances to their offerings. I can’t just walk by appliances. I love them. I need to open the doors on all the fridges and look inside to see if our stuff will fit, and how the shelves work and how they can be configured. I need to examine the ranges to see if the stovetops and controls will be easy to clean. I look into the washer tubs… just because the lids are open. For some odd reason I am drawn to appliances. I want new appliances.
Actually… we need new appliances. No… really we do.
Our fridge is about 10 years old, I have repaired the door hinge at least 3 times and the door still bangs loudly when you open it. The bottom drawer has completely broken its tracks so you can’t put anything heavier than a couple bags of salad in there. I have replaced the butter door…but it doesn’t really match. And to my wife’s dismay it’s a side by side. She would love a bottom freezer. The stove too is in a sad state. We are down to three burners now, and really, its just plain ugly. I want a new snazzy one. Actually, I really, really want this one. I have been waiting for someone to invent this. I can’t imagine why it’s taken so long. I don’t want an over the stove microwave, and our counter space is very valuable. But it is Ferris’ single source of food preparation so… we have to find a way to live with it (remind me to blog about how we are getting rid of the microwave, 4 of our TV’s, cable and a couple of pets when the kids get their own places), and this seems like the perfect solution.
I left the store today without any major purchases of course. But shortly there after I emailed my very, very patient wife with some thoughts on getting some new enameled wonders for the kitchen. Have I ever mentioned she was the most patient woman in the world? Which is good because I am now emailing her links for new fuel efficient, cost effective cars I want to buy.

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