Monday, October 18, 2004

Chapter 2 - The First of Many

When we got her home…she and Julia were the same size.

Our kids had already picked out a name.
"Riggs" - after Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon – they actually wanted us to get two puppies so they could name them Murtaugh and Riggs. Luckily when we arrived to pick her up all the other puppies were spoken for.
Our other pet’s names are also from the big screen – the kids are movie buffs. Julia is named after Raul Julia, because she has those big dark eyes; and our cat Willow is named after Willow Ufgood from the movie Willow.

On her very first night, we made a cozy bed for her in our mudroom. She had her water bowl, newspapers for the inevitable accident, a toy we brought home from the pound with the scent of her litter mates and a little soft music to sleep by.
Since there was no door on the mudroom we put up a baby gate to confine her for the night.
After about an hour or so of whimpering and crying there was finally quiet.
Silly us to think that she had fallen asleep – when in fact – that little darling 6 week old puppy ATE her way through the baby gate. She chewed a hole in the heavy plastic mesh making a small little hole, and squeezed her way out. Her first successful escape.

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