Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Chapter 12 - The Tally

Well here we are now.
Our FREE dog is going to be 3 years old on November 25th.

As I was tallying up - I began to remember more and more. Perhaps I was blocking.

…so many of Ferris’ hats stolen and destroyed, every throw rug and doormat I bought - mangled (after about 10 of them I realized …do not buy little rugs with a ‘looped’ weave). Too many pens and pencils to count (and the inevitable ink stains they caused), oh and the huge hole that she ate in our Pottery Barn living room rug (which I decided not to include since we are actually still using said rug …it has since been turned in such a way as to hide the hole under the sofa... we thought replacing the rug but we knew that was just asking for trouble).

And so here it is. The Tally.

adoption cost $ 25.00
baby gate $ 25.00
new door and hardware $ 150.00
crate $ 30.00
various stuffed animals $ 30.00
many of Ferris’ hats $ 50.00
my Serengetti sunglasses $ 125.00
obedience school $ 125.00
leash and collar $ 25.00
a better collar $ 20.00
a second leash $ 15.00
a stronger collar $ 15.00
chain link fence $ 3,000.00
wooden fence $ 280.00
repairs to chain link $ 300.00
repairs to wooden fence $ 120.00
3 shrubs $ 75.00
2 trees $ 80.00
garden fence $ 160.00
repairs to gates $ 45.00
tomato juice and douches $ 30.00
vet costs to date (included spay) $ 885.00
throw rugs and doormats $ 130.00
(estimated as there were sooo many)
TOTAL $ 5,740.00

but this…

well...ok, not priceless.
but we'll keep her.

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weese said...

awwww?? awwwww???
did you people just skim over that list or what?