Tuesday, November 30, 2004

More on hummers

No…nothing to do with Ferris.

It’s a commercial actually... that really ticks me off.

The scene is a mom driving her son to school on the first day…new school kinda thing.
The kid looks like a middle-schooler, and as you know middle school is all about appearances. So she asks him if he wants her to drop him off down the street a bit. We, the unwitting viewer, know its so the other kids don’t see him getting dropped off by his mom…which can be so uncool.
But the kid replies “No, I think it’ll be fine.”

The next scene shows him walking up the school steps and kids parting the way looking past him in awe at his ‘ride’. Mom pulls away in her jagumba shiny, new, black hummer.
Of course the kid is immediately accepted by his new peers.


Great, so if mom has …say a 1993 minivan(sound familiar) then you are basically gonna get the snot beat out of you on the first day of school.

I cannot think of a worse message to send to our kids (specifically our adolescent sons).

I have yet to see the commercial a second time. I can only hope they pulled it.

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