Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Chapter 7 – Escape

During the first weekend with the fence- we walked the entire length and shored up any high spots. I made sure that the fence was no more than 2-4 inches off the ground in any spot.
So we were ready. Yay. No more walking the dog on the leash. Just open the door and let her go. One minor glitch was that Riggs didn’t seem to be able to see screens. We had screen doors off both back doors. Riggs not only repeatedly ran head on into them – she would also paw at them, which would of course rip them to shreds. So back to Home Depot to buy a new screen door for $40.00 bucks which I then modified for our needs. (the screen flaps like a dog door)

Now we were truly free.
Riggs could run in and out as she pleased. And when we wanted her on one side or the other we simply closed the storm door.
Riggs was so happy. So much room to run, time to herself to explore, or sleep in the grass or hunt bugs and play with sticks.
It was a couple of weeks of sheer bliss. Until… Riggs, and we, learned – chain link bends.
Yup. If you push the bottom of it, it will bend. It bends enough to fit a 70 pound dog through in fact. It seems there were a couple spots where the space was just big enough and the chain link just flexible enough where she could get out.
As a temporary measure we piled cinder blocks along the bottom of the fence in these areas.
There’s no way she could move cinder blocks.
Which was true.
However, what she COULD do was to grab the chain link in her teeth and pull and twist and bend it, until she pulled the fence up over the cinder blocks.
And of course escaped… again.

So now – Riggs can get out of the fence…pretty much at will.
With Riggs back on the leash, we called in our fence guy.
He said not to worry, this happens all the time. For only another $300.00 he could install a bottom rail.
So of course we replied, “How soon can you come?”

When he got there to do the installation, I showed him where Riggs had mangled the fence to get out.
He looked at me in amazement and said “A dog did this!?”

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