Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Chapter 8 – Boredom

Well after some ‘tweaking’, the bars at the bottom of the fence worked. Is anyone keeping a tally yet? Not to worry – I will provide a spreadsheet if I ever get to the end of this story.

So Riggs was confined. She was a caged animal. Can anyone tell me what caged animals do? Anyone? Anyone?
They get bored.
When you get bored you either – become lethargic and depressed…or get creative. Wanna guess which path Riggs took?
Let’s just say 3 shrubs and 2 trees later we realized she had found a way to entertain herself.

-- my wife the gardener and I conversing while walking around the garden

Me: Wasn’t there a shrub here?
Wife: yes
Me: Like a 7 foot shrub?
Wife: yes
Me: Did you move it?
Wife: not exactly
Riggs romps by happily with a 7 foot branch in her mouth.

…short while later
Me: Who put this chewed up stick in the ground over here?
Wife: that’s a pear tree.

Ok, so that’s. 3 shrubs lets give them a replacement value of $25.00 each.
And two trees (given to us by my mother to plant around the new fence) at $40.00 each.

We plant things on the other side of the fence now.

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monster said...

LMAO!!! I read this post last week and every time I remember this dialogue, it makes me chuckle. Thanks!


Just blog-hopping via Syd's comments page. Have been reading some of your posts (obviously not in order, LOL). Really like reading it. Just sending a shoutout via "my favorite post", I guess. And, hi!