Monday, November 29, 2004


I am still full - how 'bout you?

The accident brief - so as not to upset our laywer: there was a minor miscalculation in entering a busy road*, which really should have resulted in a fender bender. But timing, positioning, and lay of the land caused a roll. Full roll, right back up onto its wheels. Seatbelts do work...wear them.

I got the call, at my desk at work - sirens in the background. He told me he flipped it, and that he was fine. I then called my perceptive wife, ever so careful not to use the word 'flip'. We both left work and went to the scene.

She said later, when I make these calls - that as soon as I say her name ...she knows...and reaches out to grab onto something. This is, of course, one of many times I have had to 'call' regarding Ferris. At 5 years old, he was dubbed "Rubberman" by his uncle when he was hit by a car in front of our house, nary a scratch on him. He lives up to this name all too often.
His thoughtful (and careful) sister said she that she was 'thankful for Ferris' at our Thanksgiving table.
Oh...and we are in the market for a good used car if you know of any....

* this was 'our' busy road, must blog about our plans to move soon...

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