Thursday, December 02, 2004

Looking for some part time work

Made our PTown reservations …we are sooo going this year.
We have missed our annual PTown trip for the last couple years. Actually, it’s been three years since we have had a proper PTown vacation.
This year we will to celebrate our 20th anniversary there.
So we booked early.
Full week…in town.
I may start packing this weekend.

…in other news we made a disturbing auto-mechanical discovery yesterday. Ever hear of a ‘timing-belt’? Well we found out these things need to be changed... preferably before they fail.
And evidently this must be a very hard thing to do, because you pay dearly to have it done.

Both of our cars are going to need this pricey maintenance repair.

On the bright side, neither car has had an actual failure of said timing-belt – especially with my van at 160K miles we are very lucky, as this can pretty much ruin an engine.

technically speaking if you have an interference engine and the timing belt slips even one notch, the piston can crash into the valve causing serious engine damage by bending valves and breaking pistons. <-- this sounds bad


Anonymous said...

PTown!! I am so excited about your trip. You are smart cookies for booking so far in advance. I love, love, love P-town. I adore poking around in the galleries and antique shops. It's a hip and quaint town all at the same time.

And yes, timing belts are important. They are also horrifically expensive. You are supposed to replace them every 60-75K or so (I think). What a racket!

-Lisa, from mittenmusings

Anonymous said...

Had a problem myself with a timing belt, though Martin at sorted me out. Stocks all sorts of dodge bearings too which is nice. :)