Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Our evening

So we are sitting at the table last night for a while before going to the airport to get Ferris. My really smart wife was doing algebra while I was doing my nails…
Huh, what?!… this is where you say – You were doing your nails?
Ok, for those of you who don’t know, or have not yet been able to surmise from my writings – I am not so much of a ‘do your nails’ kinda gal. Not that I favor flannel shirts and work boots, I am just generally too practical. I work with my hands a lot around the house – from cleaning to home repair. And just don’t have the time and energy to worry about mucking up my nail polish. It’s kinda like… what? Oooh – you were wondering instead why my brilliant wife was doing algebra?
Actually, relearning may be a better word.
Ferris has been away over the holiday, and missed a couple days of school. Knowing he needed to do some catch up (this is done on the flight home of course) he called my math wizard of a wife and asked her if she could go over some algebra with him on the way home in the car from the airport.
So she spent much of that afternoon trying to remember algebra from the examples in his text book. It was quite endearing.
The car ride home was hysterical. It was very late. We were all a little daffy. The two of them in the way back seat of the van with the light on hunched over the algebra book. From where I sat I am not sure who was teaching whom.

My nails look great, by the way.

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