Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Merry Joy Joy

Its finally here.

Me on the phone with our dearest friends Christmas Eve morning:

Dear Friend: "Hi, Merry Christmas, so what are you doing?"

me: "Merry Christmas to you too!! Guess."

Dear Friend: "Ha, cleaning... are you having company tonight?"

me: "no"

Dear Friend: "Entertaining tomorrow?"

me: "Nope, going to the in-laws."

Its all for me, folks. The cleaning is all about me. :o)

MERRY MERRY HOLIDAY - whatever holiday you celebrate.

and please remember - be safe...
Don't smoke around the Christmas tree.
Don't run with sissors.
Don't drink and drive... that's for amateurs.

Drink yourself into a joyful stupor - and stay put!

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