Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Really big presents

We should probably just get rid of our TV.

Last night I watch a flurry of commercials where couples give each other cars for Christmas.
One attractive slim woman came out of her very modern art deco home, guiding her husband who had is eyes closed to a brand new Jag in the driveway.
The next commercial was a clumsy young man trying desperately to figure out how to put a really, really big bow on the Lexus he just bought for his wife.

Ok… Here is my question – and really …feel free to comment cuz I really don’t get this.
Whose money is getting spent here?

If I went out and bought my luxurious wife one of these – I am thinking she may notice the $89,995 deficit in our account.
But really …it’s not the dollar amount that I am questioning.
Even if I went out and bought… lets say a more sensible car… I am still spending ‘OUR’ money.

I suppose you can say the same is true if you go out and buy any gift at all for your spouse…but c’mon people… this is not a new watch, or string of pearls here.

I also understand that there are people so rich that 89k outta the checking account is no big shake… but are these people sitting around on a Tuesday night watching NYPD Blue.
And would these incredibly rich people, watching weeknight TV, really see a commercial like that and then slap their forehead and say ”Oh! Yes… I can get Tom a Jag… what a great idea, I’ll pick it up tomorrow on my way back from daycare.”

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