Monday, July 16, 2007

The Grooms

My ethereal wife is a Justice of the Peace.
This weekend she 'unionized' two good friends on the day they celebrated their 20th anniversary.

Congratulations to Chris and Danny.

They are a wonderful couple... (and their home is like a movie set.)


Val said...

Very nice.

Nice shots of the ceremony, house and grounds.

Amaya said...

What CAN'T your wife do?
What a beautiful location.

WordsRock said...

That place is beautiful.
As is your lovely wife.

Lisa said... wishes for continued happiness to the couple.
I LOVE people in LOVE!

Syd said...

Oh goodness, what a lovely yard.

D's dress is equally lovely, but would it be too improper to request a more form fitting ensemble for the next photo? Yeah, I thought so. Never mind.

dykewife said...

holy toledo!!! that place is marvelous!

r.d. said...

Where the hell is that?

SassyFemme said...

How sweet that she got to perform the ceremony for them!

What lovely grounds!

Anonymous said...

Yes, what a fabulous place they have. Congratulations to the happy grooms Please tell them I wish them all the happiness in the world and I want to swim in their pool.

And...the wife is lovely blah blah fucking blah

What can't the begabt wife do? What can't the einmalig wife do? What can't the geistreich wife do? Hmmmmm...

She can't KNIT!

Esmarelda Contessa Guadalupe Schmidt

weese said...

easy there Esmarelda...
my wife will remain squarley on the pedastal that i put her on.