Monday, July 23, 2007


We finally got around to celebrating The Daughter The Therapists passing of her state boards that she passed in… oh… January I think. My giddy wife wanted to throw her a party - but not a dreary winter party. So we put it off until this past weekend of perfect July weather.

So again, congratulations to The Daughter The Therapist.
We had a lovely time meeting, feeding and entertaining her friends and colleagues.
And it was only the next morning when I woke up that I realized just how much meeting, feeding and entertaining I had done.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations The Daughter!

She's a very bright and hard working peanut. In fact, it sounds like she is a Milky Way bar:

Calorimetry reveals that a Milky Way® candy bar contains more energy than a stick of dynamite. The candy bar contains 200 food Calories. That's 200,000 physicist calories or about 840,000 joules! Nearly a megajoule! A megajoule of energy from a candybar can perform enough work to lift an average 70-kilogram human being 1200 meters in the air. That's higher than the cliff face of Yosemite's El Capitan.

There ya go.

I assume the party lighting was fabulous. ~eb

WenWhit said...

Some mornings are worth it. :)

Congrats to The daughter The Therapist - and to her moms.

WenWhit said...

That was Daughter, with a Capital D.

It was, damnit.

Val said...

Congrats again to The Daughter and the gathering looks great.

Trop said...

Congrats to The Daughter, and to her deservingly proud parents!

maxine said...

Woohoo! Cocktails!

Was it all about the bacon?

clammy said...

yum.. that cake looked good. Oh yeah, congrats.

Anne said...

Congrats to Cass! AND, Thanks sooo much to Dawn and Lisa: for making me and my friends so comfortable in your home and in your tropical paradise, and for all of the heaping trays of food, and home-made goodness!! I had a great time and enjoyed being with a great group of people! When can we do it again?? A Million Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

shhh....I won't say anything. I won't point it out. We just won't notice.


WordsRock said...

Yay for the daughter! Yay for reasons to host parties!

eb, can't you please point it out for those of us who are slow on the uptake? :P

weese said...

yeah really... i mean why not just add a BIG RED arrow.