Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I just got back from having my eyebrows ‘done’.
I go to this little place in town called Oscar. They probably meant to say Oscar’s but the folks there don’t really speak English so I can’t really fault them for their lack of the possessive apostrophe.
My woman today was a new one. She was just a petite flower of a woman… quiet and calm yet confident in her mastery of eyebrow waxing.

I am actually new to the eyebrow waxing routine. As a teen I painstakingly used tweezers. As I got older I basically did nothing except the bare minimum…which was basically to keep them from growing together. But my new eyebrow place was recommended to me by someone well-trusted and equally fastidious (you may draw apple/tree conclusions as you wish).

I believe it was the first time that Ferris shaved his head

when he started to feel his eyebrows were …well as he put it ‘old man brows’.

And so he checked with various girls at school for the best place to correct this.
He found Oscar.
He has been going regularly ever since.
He likes to get it done when he gets a hair cut, which he does at a different place. He is that particular.
They just love him over there. I am sure he must have been the only high school jock to frequent their shop.

As for me, I am pleased with my results. I look tidy.


Val said...

Hmmm, no pics of your results???

I wonder if it's the all woman family that Ferris has that allowed him his comfort level in getting his brows done???!!

Val said...

oh and I cannot STAND the idea of using tweezers on myself, so I get mine done monthly to 'slim' them down!

the only daughter said...

Fortunately, my very bare hair there does not require any tweezing or waxing.

I keep things...tidy, that's all.

WordsRock said...

Our son puts much time in with tweezers taming his brows. I think young men of today are much more conscious of keeping ALL their body hair tamed. At least ours is.

I've always wanted to go get mine waxed, but am a bit timid to enter such an establishment. You've almost inspired me with your bravery!

I, like Val, am wondering where your picture is. :P

Anonymous said...

Geez...and Suzanne really needs it too. She could also use a good leg waxing.


WordsRock said...

eb, you're treading on thin ice, woman!

Anonymous said...

I'll be good and I won't tell anyone about your really bad case of B.O.

WordsRock said...

Oh yeah, better announce it because something like that is easy to keep secret. ;P

Can we keep on point please? weese's eyebrows? I'm curious about the level of pain that is endured during a waxing of the eyebrows. Do tell.

Hahn at Home said...

Tidy is good!

weese said...

ok settle down there ladies.
the pain is not bad at all.
its one little riiip per eyebrow.
i find this so much more pleasant than spending time plucking individual hairs.

Anonymous said...


I prefer to do the eyebrow wax but I have sensitive skin because I'm such a sensitive soul. I find Maxine's technique of fluffing a little powder on before putting the wax reduces the redness afterwards.

It doesn't hurt unless you're a pussy.

scout said...

Don't let the Bush administration hear about your son's grooming habits (that goes for you, too, Suzanne). Unibrowed Neanderthals are standing by to accuse lesbian households of raising girlymen.