Friday, December 07, 2007



We’ll be knee deep in our bedroom makeover project this weekend. Perhaps I will post some pictures as we go.

So here are some painting tips for you.
After opening the can of paint – take a hammer and nail and put some holes in the lid gutter. Then after pouring from the can to the paint tray excess paint will drain right back into the can.

Also – I am always sure to pour with the directions side up. That way when paint dribbles down the can I don’t worry about not being able to re-read important information such as drying or recoating times.

Perhaps my hardworking wife will offer some floor stripping tips in her sidebar -> to grow back cilia.


Val said...

Looking forward to the pics... have a good weekend!

WordsRock said...

Great tip on the paint can.

Save the cilia. Open the windows.

Martin said...

Wow. That's good advice. I always end up covering the instructions and being quite sorry later.

Thank you for your wisdom. Happy holidays!

eb said...

she should love having healthy lungs too.

Buck up!

sporksforall said...

I have a someone else to do it. :)

SassyFemme said...

There are directions on paint cans? I swear to God I didn't know that, despite all the painting I've done over the years!

Can't wait to see the pics!

Maria said...

That sounds like a weekend from hell to me...but then I am a lazy sloth.